How to become an influencer?

First of all, should we speak about “becoming an influencer” as it was a “job” or more a status? There are no trainings or diplomas for being “famous” or “well-known”. To become an “influencer”, you need to work hard on your personal branding, on your services, your products, your environments.

For example, you can become very famous in a very “niche” field, and this is what this Asian influencer has done in the SEO marketing fields. She specializes in Asian and European marketing in order to help brands from different countries to adapt themselves to local marketing and local culture. She starts to become very well-known and even French and International medias such as BFM Business, France Culture, Oushinet, Radio Canada have interviewed her. She is well-known as an International SEO Expert.

how to become an influencer?

If you believe in what you do, and specialize on it, there is no reason that it doesn’t work! Believe in you, your projects and your skills!

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